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Juicing Schedule and its benefits.

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Hit the reset button with this Alchemy juice cleanse, designed to hydrate, alkalize and energize your body with all those nutrients it has been missing. Fruits and vegetable juices in their raw form contain the highest level of nutrition of any foods, in the form most readily available to your body. When you consume these nutrients in such a high quantity, you’ll flood your body with the building blocks it craves.


We start the day with the ultimate medicine; celery juice. Taken on an empty stomach, this powerful anti-inflammatory juice will starve bacteria, yeast, mold, fungus, and viruses in the body and flush their toxins and debris out of the intestinal tract and liver. At the same time, celery will help the good bacteria thrive. Celery is also the most powerful way to alkalize the gut. That’s in part because celery contains mineral salts that work symbiotically and systematically with each other to raise your body’s pH and rid toxic acids from your body, including your gut. This process is ideal to cleanse and repair intestinal linings. To reap the benefits of this medicine it is important to take celery juice on an empty stomach and to wait at least 30 minutes before your next juice.

10 am SPICE UP

Fruit is an amazing healing and antiviral food that is essential to include in a cleansing program and wonderful for flushing out poisons. Apples are highly alkaline and wonderful for detoxing. Containing both malic and tartaric acids, apples help the liver, gallbladder and intestinal tract remove impurities and starve bacteria, yeast, mold and viruses. Pineapple is also a highly cleansing fruit, containing enzymes that act as degreasing agents, dispersing mucus, debris and toxins from your liver. The ginger adds warmth and a kick, while also providing a whole array of health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, and digestive system.


Leafy greens have a critical role in our healing process. They have the power to heal intestinal disorders by cleaning out the linings of your small intestine, colon and stomach. Similar to Celery juice, leafy greens also hold precious mineral salts that help alkalize the gut and increase hydrochloric acid, making it the ultimate digestive aid. Both Kale and spinach are beneficial for the Ileum, allowing for better B12 production, helping the liver receive B12 through the hepatic portal vein. We make sure to also juice the stems of the leaves, which provides chemical compounds that act as a purging mechanism for the liver.


Cultured coconut kefir (cocobiotic as we like to call it) is an ancient cultured beverage full of beneficial microbes that combat unhealthy bacteria and infection. In fact, the word “kefir” comes from the Turkish word for “good feeling.” These friendly microbes help stimulate digestion and guard against food-borne pathogens. Coconut water contains electrolytes, essential minerals and enzymes that are important for the function of your cells. If detoxing is making you feel tired, regenerating your cells with cocobiotic will give you a boost of energy and vitality.


Now it is time to refuel the liver and blood. Carrots offer glucose attached to minerals and vitamins that are great for strengthening the liver. Beets provide a whole range of trace minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are helpful for energizing and healing the liver and blood. And apple juice hydrates the liver, supporting its ability to cleanse the blood.


We are huge fans of cucumber juice and consider it an important part of any cleanse, for several reasons. Cucumber juice is a highly alkalizing and hydrating drink that is rich in nutrients, minerals and electrolytes that have the ability to bring hydration deep into the cells, making it far more effective than drinking water. Cucumber juice also help alleviate digestive issues, detox organs and calm down bloating. Drinking cucumber juice on a regular basis will have a blood-thinning effect, reducing toxins and fat in the blood which is what leads to overall health from the inside out.


Turmeric root is known to support and strengthen the immune system, help protect the heart, prevent Alzheimer's and cancer. This powerful anti-inflammatory medicine knocks down inflammation in our mind too, not just our body. When taken together with ginger root, it works synergistically as a powerful digestive remedy. Black pepper is added to make the curcumin more bioavailable. This tonic can be heated slightly if you wish to end your day with a cup of something warm and soothing. Just remove it from the heat before it starts to boil, to preserve the wonderful medicinal properties.

To know more about the benefits of the Juice cleanse click here

If you want to start the protocol just send us a e-mail and we give you all te informations.

Shanti Maria Allen

recipe developer and author

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melon four
melon four
5 days ago

We are avid enthusiasts of cucumber juice and regard it as a vital component of any detoxification regimen, for several reasons. geometry dash online

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cie kalyl
cie kalyl
10 may

For lunch, Classroom 6x we introduce our root vegetable juice, featuring carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes. These colorful vegetables are rich in beta-carotene, vitamins, and minerals, providing a natural energy boost and supporting immune function.

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Kari Maru
Kari Maru
08 may

Vitamins and antioxidants in juice can help streng fnf go then your body's immune system, helping you fight infections and diseases.

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Cultured coconut kefir (cocobiotic as we like to call it) is an ancient cultured beverage full of beneficial microbes that capybara clicker

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28 sept 2023

If you regularly drink cucumber juice, it will thin your blood and reduce the amount of toxins and fat in your blood, which is what makes you healthier from the inside out. free games

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