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the alchemy restaurant is climate neutral certified

This means that we have measured, estimated, reduced, and compensated for all of our carbon emissions  from making and delivering our products at the Alchemy Restaurant in 2023.  

We've received our Climate Neutral Certification by Change Climate, an independent California-based non-profit offering a clear roadmap for companies to offset their emissions with a certification process aligned to international standards.


Applying is a rigorous process that requires companies to measure, reduce, and offset our carbon footprint. It's a comprehensive approach that goes beyond simple carbon offsetting to ensure genuine emissions reductions across all aspects of our operations.

how are we reducing our emissions?

Over the past year, we've established a framework and integrated Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting terminology into our preexisting sustainable practices. Here are some of the concrete actions we've taken:

supplier engagement

We're collaborating closely with our suppliers to Implement a low carbon sourcing/purchasing policy to Re-evaluate our existing suppliers and make necessary amends to move to a low carbon supplier across our restaurant services.

optimize energy emissions

Specific plans and funds are already in place to implement effective and significant energy-saving measures. These include upgrading energy-efficient appliances, optimizing our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, and adopting LED lighting throughout our properties. Each step is designed to significantly reduce energy consumption without compromising the comfort and quality our guests have come to expect.

waste to landfill reduction

We are working with both Clime Mates and EcoBali to divert 60% of our waste away from landfills. 

offsetting emissions

While striving to reduce our emissions, we recognize that some emissions are unavoidable. To address this, we've invested in high-impact carbon offset projects that support renewable energy, reforestation, and community-based initiatives.

the importance of transparency

Being transparent in our sustainability efforts is incredibly important to us. That's why we're committed to openly sharing our journey, including our challenges, successes, and areas for improvement! Our Climate Neutral Certification is not a badge, but a testament to our dedication to accountability and continual improvement.

Achieving Climate Neutral Certification is a significant milestone for us, but it's just one step in our ongoing commitment to sustainability. We're proud of the progress we've made, but we know there's still work to be done. With the support of our employees, customers, and partners, we're confident that we can build a more sustainable future together. 


what's in plan for 2024 and beyond?

1. Conduct more detailed energy audits and implement further energy conservation measures in Ubud and Uluwatu restaurants.

2. Implement a low carbon sourcing/purchasing policy to re-evaluate our existing suppliers and make necessary amends to move to a low carbon supplier across our restaurant services.

3. Renewable Energy Integration into our existing energy framework.

Connect with us on this page to view the latest updates on our Climate Neutral journey.

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