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Heal your body Feel your soul

As the alchemists tried to discover a cure for disease and a way of extending life, the Alchemy Holistic's team is here to help you find the most suitable therapy to heal and rejuvenate your body and soul.

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Alchemy Holistic offers a selection of signature services designed to cleanse, heal and revitalize. We focus on the most effective holistic treatments, which cover the mind, body and spirit including colon hydrotherapy, healings, alternative treatments, IV therapy and much more.

Neck Massage

From our Signature Massages, to Sugaring and Facials - Our beauty and wellness treatments offered at Alchemy Holistic Clinic are designed to help improve health and help you look and feel rejuvenated. Our therapists have over 10 years of experience and will provide you with a blissful experience, leaving you refreshed and relaxed. 

We have a wide range of other holistic treatments that may be what you are looking for, such as: 

Pranic Healing - Subsonic Shiatsu - Special Sound & Vibrational Therapy - Zen Shiatsu Therapy - Light-Body Activation Therapy
Bioresonance Therapy - Singlet Oxygen Therapy - Bioenergy Scan (Health Report) - Bioenergetic Evaluation - Bioenergy Scan | Bioenergetic Evaluation + Remedy - Light & Sound Therapy - Rebalancing Massage

Back Massage
Stone Mortar and Pestle

Our Detox & Regeneration Programs are a combination of both Western & Chinese Medicines and Practices specifically designed to cleanse your Physical, Mental & Emotional Bodies, reset your immune system and support your healing journey.

Vitamin IV therapy and IV infusions allow various essential vitamins and critical nutrients to be administered to the body intravenously thereby they are delivered directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system, where many nutrients get lost and are not absorbed. With IV infusion and vitamin injections, nutrients and minerals can go to work, instantly replenishing and revitalizing your body and organs from the inside out.

Drug and Syringe

Many people are experiencing digestive, absorption, lymphatic and elimination issues like gas, bloating, constipation, bad breath, brain fog and fatigue. Cleansing the colon helps with all of these issues. Colonics combined with fasting are the fastest way to detox the body and mind.

Please book your treatments in advance to ensure availability. For reservations or general inquiry, please get in touch with us: 


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Jl. Penestanan Kelod No.75, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. 80571
(To find us, use the staircase at the back of Alchemy restaurant)

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