How serious should we continue to take COVID-19?

How serious should we continue to take COVID-19?

March 2020 - that is for sure an unforgettable date for everyone of our generation. It was a moment in which fear was around the world, that imprecise information was spreading quickly and impacting people from one side of the planet to another. Isn’t it crazy how, with the exception of a few countries, the same safety measures were being implemented in such different places? Where we come from, what we eat and we do with our lives simply don’t matter within this subject?

Well, these are answers we don’t know - in fact, we may never have them.

It was commonly said that whatever this virus was, a major change was being brought with it to the world. Although it hasn’t ended yet, some things we are learning and this is a good thing: to be still learning and to admit that.

When my girlfriend and I were going to back to Bali, in January of this year, after having some time with our family in our home town, things were already… weird. The number of cases in China were growing drastically, news started to focus on that, and we had been recommended to wear masks and apply hand sanitizer often whilst in the plane.

Of course, we never imagined to be living what we are right now (or what we have lived already?), but even if it had the presence only in China, at that moment, it was already a big time thing.

When I arrived in Alchemy, unsurprisingly, nothing was being said about the virus, however, I’ve always had the habit of reading the news in the morning and there it was all over the place.

One of the very first acts we took was to buy (what we considered to be enough for a while) hand sanitizers. Since February, each of our members are carrying a hand sanitizer with them and we encouraged them to be using even outside work. Wasn’t that a good reason to start to pay even more attention to our contributors hygiene?

When The Day came, we followed the instructions given by the government and Banjar. We kept the restaurant closed for a few days, which was scary, because in the existence of Alchemy, that actually had never happened. But it gave us fuel to study what could be done in order to thrive under these circumstances. Having our staff healthy was our number 1 priority, we had to think quick what we could do in order to protect our community and to be safe at the same. In Alchemy, there isn’t any decision taken without the participation of our staff: from closing on that few days, to reopen. They should understand what they are doing, and why…

Despite the social distancing, we worked even more closer to each other. We wanted to know how we were feeling, how our family was and if there was anything we could do better.

We looked for more and more beneficial products to our costumers; we