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Do Sparkling Probiotic Drinks really boost your digestive system, emotional state, treat Bali Belly?

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

You might be surprised, but the answer is yes!

Sparkling probiotic beverages such as water kefir are much lower in sugar and calories levels than any other traditional sodas and bottled drinks out there, especially in Bali, Indonesia.

Having a glance at the future, sparkling probiotic drinks are becoming insanely popular and is one of the fastest growing trends in the food and beverages market, due the increasing demand in the market for products that are healthy and naturally made. Particularly those that contribute to a better digestive health and improving the health of your gut.

Like the water kefir drinks, for example.

It is a refreshing and light, sparkling probiotic drink. Could be made from Living 'Tibicos' Crystal Cultures, (originates from the pads of the Opuntia cactus from Mexico), fermented and carbonated with fruits and roots to create naturally carbonated bubbles with benefits. Designed and produced to fuel your day with vitamins, nutrition and healthy energy without any preservatives, below 25 calories and no added sugars.

As a good exemple of a Probiotic Drinks we have COVITA, that is made with a process called lacto-fermentation, wherein Living Tibicos Cultures aka “Good bacteria”, fresh water and cane sugar are brought together to ferment and breakdown the cane sugar into sparkling probiotic full with vitamins, enzymes, beneficial acids for digestion and electrolytes, which make this drink a perfect healthy alternative to sugar-laden sodas for any age, young and old.

Many studies and doctors acknowledge that what our kids are eating or drinking is affecting their gut and consequently their health and behavior.

It may surprise you to learn just how many “issues” kids face that can be helped by consuming probiotics.



Constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, frequent upset stomach, extreme fatigue, anxiety, frequent illness, poor memory, attention and behavior and so many more.

Consuming probiotic drinks are also known to enrich microflora with good beneficial bacteria which will improve mood, skin health, will promote anti-aging and weight-loss, and even prevent and heal various health diseases, including brain fog, fatigue and food poisoning ("Bali Belly")!

The central ideia of this brand is replace the traditional “junkfood” market with tasty, high vitality, healthy snacks and naturally carbonated sodas.

"Covita" transforming the snack food and soft-drink industry by providing the healthiest alternatives to traditional products within the food & beverage market." And if you like Covita, they recently launched Wholefood Energy Bars fueling you with healthy energy to drive you in a happy and enjoyable manner, a snack that is gluten-free, raw, no preservatives, plant-based and no added sugar.

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