What`s all this fuss about raw food?

Cooking, eating and grocery shopping can be a slippery slope sometimes. Products that look great and taste yummy can contain suspicious ingredients, even flat-out toxins to be crass. In the manufacturing process, nutrients are removed and replaced by dodgy chemicals. If you´re curious what´s on the label, it is often written in microscopic letters and in cryptic code, hiding anything from artificial color dyes, chemical preservatives, addictive substances, to believe it or not – even pharmaceuticals.

On an intuitive level, most of us get that these refined food-like products are not what nature intended for us. But eating food raw? Not even cooking it? If that sounds radical I don’t blame you. It certainly did to me when I first heard of the idea. As a classically trained chef, both cooking and eating have always been great pleasures of mine, and I’ve never believed in dieting or making eating miserable.

Thankfully, I soon learned that raw food was nothing like I thought it was. It happened when I first tasted a raw food ’cheese’cake. Its flavor and texture were just as good as any dessert I’ve eaten – perhaps a little creamier, even! I was fascinated. I soon learned that raw food has plenty of other seriously convincing indulgences for the skeptics, including things like pizza, burgers, ice cream, cheese, chocolate, and the list goes on.

And with quality of nutrition, I'd never even heard of before. Contrary to the boxed food-like-products on the supermarket shelves, raw food is unprocessed, unheated, and un-messed with. Using only ingredients produced by mother earth and the elements, raw food is full of life force, enzymes, and vitamins with an uncomparable nutritional zing.


As I said, suffering through restrictive diets and following the latest fads has never been for me. Here’s the thing; the raw food movement is not a fad. It’s actually not even a diet. Raw food is just an invitation to turn towards what makes sense and away from what doesn’t. Eating more the way mother nature intended and taking less dietary advice from corporations - this, my friends is raw food in a nutshell. It’s not about strict rules and restrictions.