Why meditation is everywhere?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

You have certainly come across or heard about meditation. Whether it is in an article you read, or an app on someone’s phone, it seems like meditation is everywhere.

Why is it so? Is meditation just a new trend? Or, is there more to it?

My name is Oumnia El Khazzani, I’m a certified yoga teacher, a personal development writer, and a meditation instructor. Today, I’d like to tell you more about the power of mindfulness. 

There are many types of meditations, but they all serve the same purpose

What is meditation?

Let’s start here. Meditation is a practice. You may have the image of someone sitting eyes closed. That’s how most people meditate, indeed. Meditation is a tool used in the yogic and Buddhist philosophies as a way to purge ourselves and reach our true essence. In practical terms, meditating consists of sitting still and detaching from ourselves — our body, our thoughts, and our emotions.

There are many types of meditations, but they all serve the same purpose: to peel the layers until you reach a state where the mind chatter stops (that incessant stream of thoughts in your head) and you can just be.

Why is it so trendy now?

The coolness of meditation came alongside the rise in the popularity of yoga. Yoga and meditation are intrinsically linked. As a matter of fact, the physical practice of yoga was created only as a preparation for meditation.