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Objects for Mindful Living by Meisou

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Our community is waking up to our inherent spiritual nature. A recurrent inquiry into the interconnectedness of things around us and how they affect our wholistic wellness has created the opportunity to explore ancestral methods that were minimized with the succession of modern science. From time immemorial, ancient masters acknowledged the great power that objects and accessories have the capacity to wield. Source of rituals and amulets, they became traditional tools that played an enigmatical role in the development of spiritual practices.

The energy gathered in certain objects can influence us on a physical and mental level, so much so, working as portals to grant access to deeper levels of consciousness or creating a calming and transformative energy field around us.

A given ornament can bear different sacred meanings. It can be a verse of intentions in a necklace form, a reminder; an accomplished goal or a latent desire imbued in a small journal. An infinity of possibilities awaits for those ready to dive deeper into the mysteries of life through the practice of meditation.

Whether you tune in your soul through graceful movement, deep meditation or a simple passion for life, there is a special space for an object that serves as a bridge between the inner and outer world. We invite you to live your truth in a creative way, allowing abundance to channel through balanced and conscious actions.

Creating Awareness

The choices we make on a daily basis have the capacity to create a positive or a negative impact environmental and socio-economically.  We want to be part of the shift that is taking place in our world, as finally, humankind is starting to work symbiotically with the environment.

At Meisou we are working on enhancing the vital synergy between mankind footprint and the biosphere with our overall manufacturing process but also with the strong desire to draw everyone to practice mindfulness through the power of choice.

WE DESIGN MINDFULLY and take care of every detail in all stages of the production cycle.

The materials we use for our garments grant their unique essence.

Hence, we use very specific natural fibers such as bamboo, linen, and GOTS certified organic cotton. We are aware that coloring of textiles pollutes deeply our waters; for that reason, we only apply locally sourced plant-based dyes coming from the leaves of the true indigo and Indian redwood plants among others.

Each and every product from our store is hand-made in Bali by local artisans; we work directly with them and we encourage a circular production where there is no hierarchy.

Our packaging it’s also beautiful and can be used in many different ways. We consider the end of life of our products and we try to maximize its life span and follow the 3 r’s principle; Repair, Reuse and Recycle.

Meisou represents an intuitive fusion of east meets west, to support those traditional practices that are still relevant in contemporary times.

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