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Alchemy co-founder James Sebastiano has a master’s degree in Vegan Live Food Nutrition from the Tree of Life Center. He’s also a marketing expert, conscious entrepreneur, passionate about ethical and environmentally sustainable business and is currently studying psychology.  Originally from the U.S. , James grew up on a Standard American Diet ( SAD)  and watched his health radically improve after transitioning to organic vegan food.



For the past four decades Andrew has helped countless companies and individuals ignite and re-invent their life passion and purpose. The global entrepreneur, motivational speaker, advisor and transformational life coach primarily resides in Bali, where he also serves as the Managing Partner of Alchemy Holistic, a naturopathic health and wellness clinic located in Alchemy’s Ubud complex. He continues to fund, advise and co manage a plethora of global Eco, health and wellness enterprises.



Alchemy co-founder and chef, Shanti started her career in some of Sweden's best restaurants. She believed that culinary creation was an expression of love, but this concept seemed at odds with commercial food practices, and the modern Western diet. Converted to raw veganism, she discovered a world of pure, organic produce, and has since become known for transforming it to culinary art. Shanti is the author of The Raw Alchemist – over 100 raw and vegan recipes from Alchemy Restaurant, and the founder of the newly opened Alchemy Academy, Bali's first raw vegan culinary school. As a mother of twins brought up on green juice, she uses the 'crowding out' method to inspire (read: trick) her boys into making their own healthy food choices.


After having worked for 8 years as a lawyer in big law firms and financial corporations in Brazil, Mayara moved to Bali in 2017 with the aim of finding a healthier way of working and a more meaningful life. Her background of law and finance brings a lot of value to businesses in Bali - since 2019, she has been Alchemy’s General Manager and helped to restructure the entire company together with James.

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