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Foods That Your ESA Cat Should Avoid - 2022 Guide

When a person brings an emotional support animal he/she is responsible to take care of it just like an esa is responsible to take care of the owner. When we talk about an esa, the first thing that comes to our mind is an ESA letter. This letter makes a person eligible for all the esa rights and benefits.

One can get an esa letter from a mental health specialist easily. If you are eligible for this letter, your mental health specialist will straight away write this letter to you. In case, you do not know how exactly an esa letter looks like or what exactly is written in it, you may look at an example of an esa letter online.

Coming back to the health care of your esa, you must remember that you need to take off your esa in every way. From regular grooming sessions, visits to a vet, and making it follow a good diet, you are responsible for all.

There are many people out there who make life easy for them and switch their pets to human-foods. This is the worst thing that an esa owner can do for its emotional support dog.

Being an educated person you need to understand the fact that animals have an entirely different digestive system and human-food is not suitable for them all the time.

You should also keep in mind that as an esa letter comes with so many benefits, there are certain conditions that may lead to the cancellation of your emotional support dog letter. One of the major reasons could be the poor health of your esa.

The following are a few food items that an esa owner should never feed to its esa.

  • Nuts and Dry Fruits

Nuts and dry fruits are healthy and full of nutrient snacks for us but can be dangerous for our pet dogs. They contain a high amount of fats that can make your dog sick to death in the worst cases. Nuts are the leading cause of pancreatitis, gastrointestinal, and bowel obstructions among dogs.

There is no specific type of nut that you should not feed your esa dog. In fact, all types of nuts in all forms must be avoided as there are certain nuts that can also cause neurological disorders in dogs.

  • Xylitol and Artificial Sweeteners

These toxic sweeteners are no less than a rising star in pet poison calls and vet visits. There was a time when these were only found in dental gum and diabetic candies, but now the time has come in which they are used as a replacement of natural sugars in almost every processed food.

Processed food is harmful to humans and also equally harmful to our pets. It is important for you to know that xylitol and other artificial sweeteners can cause low blood sugar, seizures, liver failure, or even death in dogs. To avoid any such conditions, read your labels carefully, avoid sharing, and keep pantries and trash secure and out of bounds for your dogs.

  • Fast Food

Fast food is not good for us. We know this, but most of us still can not stop the craving and unwillingly get a junkie for a meal. Similarly, fast food is not safe for our dog pets. This is just not something it should snack on. Fast foods have high levels of fattening agents, salts, and sugar, and the scariest thing is that they contain hidden artificial sweeteners.

This may cause some unpleasant side effects for your dog including gastrointestinal upset, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, dehydration, excess urination, seizures, and pancreatitis. The extreme situation may choke your esa dog to death.

You must get them the proper dog food if you want its health to be in good shape and you personally want to have peace of mind.

You must also know that eating unhygienic and inappropriate food can make your esa sick and that can be a cause of so many other diseases. It is one of the situations in which your ESA letter for housing might be canceled.

  • Grapes and Raisins

This one may come as a surprise for some pet owners. Grapes and raisins are often used as treats for dogs, but it is best to avoid feeding these fruits to your emotional support animal. The exact toxic substance due to which grapes and raisins should not be fed to the pets is not yet found. But according to the reported cases, vets think that grapes and raisins can be deadly for dogs.

  • Chocolate and Coffee

Chocolate and coffee, as well as other caffeinated foods, contain substances called methylxanthines which are highly toxic for pets. At the very least, methylxanthines can cause diarrhea, vomiting, panting, dehydration, and excessive urination in dogs. At their worst, symptoms can get worse and your pet may suffer from seizures, abnormal heartbeats, and even suffocation to death.

No chocolaty substance should ever be given to dogs, specifically, dark chocolate is no less than poison for the pets especially the dogs. White chocolate has the lowest level of methylxanthines, while typical baking chocolate contains an extremely high level.

It is also important for you to know that chocolates also tend to cause hallucinations amongst dogs. In the worst-case scenario, a dog may lose its state of mind. This could also be a reason for the cancellation of the emotional support animal letter.

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