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Keep a Dog as an ESA - 2022 Guide

I have one ESA at home, but what if I want to get another emotional support dog letter for myself?

This is the question many readers can ask who need two or more ESA at their house as they want to keep them for their emotional support. However, the ambiguity here is that people usually keep one ESA since it is enough to support them emotionally. Therefore, they do not have an idea whether the laws give them the authority to choose another one.

Well, for your convenience, I have something very surprising for you which can help you get the answer to these simple questions.

FHA and the other federal laws do not have any limitation on the numbers of ESA that you can have at your home. Many people around the world have multiple emotional support animals as they love to keep an esa letter online with a cat, or to keep birds with their dogs; so, the choice of the ESA varies. You just have to make sure that you can take care of the two ESAs because certain limitations are put on keeping two pets with you.

The rules and the limitations of keeping multiple ESA are there; but first, you have to get an idea of when keeping two ESAs is allowed, and when it is not.

So, here is a small guide for you on whether you can have an ESA pet or not.

FHA and Federal Laws Allow 2 ESAs

I have good news for you here.

You are allowed to keep as many ESAs as you want because it depends on your mental health if you need one ESA or many. The main purpose of the Federal laws is to make you and your pet comfortable; therefore, you do not feel any trouble. They give you an ESA letter for housing as well for both pets as these laws want to get full Emotional Support from your animal. Hence, they have outlined multiple conditions when you can have two or more than two ESAs.

So, are you interested to know these situations? If yes, then you are going to stay with me folks.

People with different emotional and physical problems can adopt two ESAs, such as one dog is to provide them with emotional support while one dog is for helping them with the physical disability and its impacts. For instance, you can keep a Golden Retriever for emotional support, but maybe you want a German Shepherd to provide you with a sense of security and feeling of being safe.

People with social anxiety disorder can have a cat and a dog both because the cat can give them comfort at home, while the dog can go outside the house and provide protection.

People keep two ESAs, especially dogs, because they think physical activity is more important for them to get out of stressful situations. Dogs force you to go on a daily walk with them, and due to their exercise and body needs, they can ask for food multiple times.

You can have two ESAs in your house if you and your wife are suffering from different mental illnesses and two pets can provide you with different emotional support.

You can have an ESA for your child with a mental or physical disability, while one ESA is for your assistance and emotional support.

What problem can you Face in having two ESA?

Well, no doubt that Federal laws do not put a limitation on keeping two ESAs, but you must be prepared to face some limitations on your different occasions. Now, I am going to tell you what these occasions are so that you can plan accordingly to have multiple pets for you.

Some of the buildings do not allow pets but under the FHA rule, they are obligated to make the accommodation for you and your pet. So, they allow you to have one pet. However, with the two ESAs, you could be charged with the security deposit.

As you know, emotional support animal letter pets are not trained because they are for emotional support, so they can cause damage to private property. In this case, the owner has the authority to charge you with the money for the damage caused.

In case of the flights, you may not be allowed to take multiple pets with you because of the extra accommodation in the cabin and the charges; so, you have to decide which ESA you must take with you. It will put stress on you because of your emotional dependency on the pet.

Hence, all these conditions suggest that you have every right to keep multiple ESAs with you and you have to get accommodation and care for them as well. However, be careful because you have to get an ESA letter for every pet you have separately. Only then, you are allowed to take them with you anywhere you want. You have to get approval from the psychologist or the therapist as well that you need a cat, a dog, or bird at the same time.

If you think one pet is not enough for your emotional support or you need more than one for you or your family, you are more than welcome to do so. Just be careful since multiple pets can put additional responsibility on you.

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