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Let's be Raw!!

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

The consumption of raw food has increased dramatically in the past few years. We feel it is happening not only because individuals are looking for a healthier lifestyle, but also because people are more conscious about food production and its industry.

​The raw diet consists in having food either totally raw or warmed up to 42 degrees Celsius. They can also be germinated, passed through natural boiling ,such as brine, or can be fermented.

​When we think about changing the world, we can start with our own universe. The universe where we can have total autonomy and influence - our body. Once you choose what you eat, you automatically choose which production structure you are being in compliance with. Our favorite quote of all time, “ Be the change you wish to see in the world” - Ghandi.

We are not only working in Alchemy. We are trying to show our costumers and friends a mission with a solid purpose - new possibilities of conscious food consumption together with healthier decisions without losing the pleasure of enjoying good meals. Something in this world has to change. It cannot continue in the way things are currently going. Be the change and let peace begin on your plate.

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