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Detox & Rejuvenation

Our Detoxing & Rejuvenation program is designed to reset your immune system and support healing and rejuvenation .by removing unwanted toxins from the body.

This will help you to experience mental and emotional clarity, freeing you from negative thoughts and emotions

Regenerative Detoxification

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Regenerative Detoxification is a system of healing that is focused around returning our bodies to an alkaline state of homeostasis, removing stagnant lymphatic waste, and rebuilding our bodies at a cellular level. This is achieved through the use of a natural Raw Food Diet of fruits & vegetables, mixed with different types of fasting, supplemented with herbs & superfoods to support the vital organs, glands, & systems to increase nutrient intake & absorption.


Juice Fasting And Herbal Protocols

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This juice fast program is designed to reset your immune system and support healing and rejuvenation by removing unwanted toxic acids and alkalizing your blood.

With herbal protocol consultation,you will go through a full health analysis and health questionnaire to discover what are your greatest genetic strengths , weaknesses and a picture of your past history.

A customized herbal protocol and lifestyle plan based on your specific desired outcome to put you on the road to healing.


Detox And Rebuild Consult & Protocol

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During this 1,5-2 hours consultation you will go through past and present mental, physical and emotional states, your past health and dietary history, past medical diagnoses, medical records, tests and scans, dietary changes, food intolerances, detoxes, as well as your family health history with our Chinese Medicine Doctor. He is using Chinese Medicine Pulse and Tongue diagnostic methods.

You will receive a Personalized Chinese Herbal Medicine Detox & Rebuild Formulation, dietary, lifestyle and detox recommendations, educational materials and a treatment plan.
E-mail and WA communication is included for up to 1 month to guide you through the process of detoxing and rebuilding your body.


Please book your treatments in advance to avoid disappointment. For further questions, make a reservation or change  a reservation please  get in touch with us .

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You can find us behind the Alchemy restaurant, second floor through the spiral staircase.

we are closed every wednesday







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Jl. Penestanan Kelod No.75, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. 80571

(through the staircase just behind the restaurant)

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