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Sourcing Sustainably

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Prevent waste through planning and forecasting our purchase orders


At Alchemy, we collaborate closely with our kitchen team to assess their ingredient needs, ensuring we purchase just what is required for our daily menu offerings. This approach helps us avoid overstocking and, consequently, prevents unnecessary food waste. We place our orders at the end of each evening, and we receive fresh produce the following morning. The produce passes through a quality check and as a conscious brand we embrace visually imperfect produce and understand that it holds the same nutritional value and flavor as its visually perfect counterparts.

Multiple local suppliers


Our local suppliers have been carefully selected for their organic and regenerative practices.



The average distance that our food travels from farm to plate is within 40kms. Less than 1% of our purchases are imported.

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Our produce is thoroughly rinsed with filtered water and grapefruit seed extract.

Manage food waste locally and through partnerships


Alchemy’s food waste management strategies enable the creation of circular economies by facilitating the reuse of food waste as compost and other by products. We have partnered with climemates who collect our wet waste and convert it into compost. 

Close the loop


We aim to harness the power of compost generated from our restaurant's wet waste to cultivate our own greens in the AYMC permaculture garden. Through constant innovation and strategic processes, we are committed to realizing our vision of 'closing the loop.' This means supporting local farms, rejuvenating the land, and actively addressing global challenges such as climate change and food waste. Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable and responsible future.

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