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Our story starts in 2011, it was a drastic, almost overnight, shift in my life that led me to Bali where I participated in my first juice cleanse and raw chef training. The cleanse changed my life. Not only were the impacts of fasting and cleansing beneficial, but I met Shanti, Mayara, Andrew, Ken, Ana and the rest of the Alchemy Team at this amazing retreat or thereafter. It’s amazing what we can attract into our lives once we truly switch our focus to personal growth and transformation. 

Soon after, the idea of Alchemy came to life. How could we create a place where people could experience the same shift and transformation in their lives as we had in ours? How could we make food from a loving space that was not only to be transformative for our customers but transformative as well for the local Bali community and for the planet.

This was our goal, our mission and our purpose. To transform people, the planet and the community by first, transforming our health and becoming more aware. 


My favorite quote of all time is from Ghandi, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”. The first step to transforming the world is by transforming ourselves. 



Transformation Starts Here

James Sebastiano