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Our Purpose

Alchemy was established as a place for transformation in 2011 by a group of conscious, creative, live food enthusiasts. Alchemy's vision is to honor mother nature, promote healthy sustainable living, support healthy habits and well being, and to offer a space of inspiration and community. We are here to promote heart-based culture and set the intention for unconditional love, authenticity, health, and gratitude through high-vibe lifestyle choices. Your health is the first and most important step to transformation. We are what we eat & think - from food & thought to form & being. Our products and menu promote consciousness and well-being for all of earth's inhabitants. Please come and join us!



Alchemy is a Path to transformation that inspires personal growth through health, service, sustainability  and compassion.


Our Flavours

At Alchemy, you can enjoy fresh and nourishing food full of nutrients and life force. Our suppliers have been carefully selected for their organic and regenerative practices and our takeaway containers are all biodegradable. We believe that by taking care of Mother Earth she takes care of us. A lot of dishes on our menu are raw, which means that they are not cooked or heated above 43 degrees Celsius/110 Fahrenheit. We also have some gently cooked food options for those who like. Our menu is completely plant based and mostly gluten free. In some dishes, we use honey as a sweetener as we believe it to be a highly medicinal food when sourced right. If you avoid honey, please let us know, we have lots of honey free options. Our produce has been thoroughly rinsed with filtered water and grapefruit seed extract.


Medicinal "Coffee"

The taste and aroma of our medicinal Chicory is enough to convert any coffee addict. Chickory is a medicinal and immune boosting root with a range of health benefits including improved digestion and organ support. And get this: we’ve upped the anty (??? o que é anty?) even more by adding medicinal mushrooms to the blend. Wild Chaga and Reishi are revered within Traditional Chinese Medicine for their ability to protect against viruses, bacteria and inflammation. Nuff said.


Healthy Soft Serve Ice Cream?

Our guilt free ice cream contains no animal products, no artificial colors, no chemicals, no preservatives, no gluten and no processed sugar. Instead we use coconut cream, fruits, berries, raw cacao, real vanilla beans and Irish moss. On top of that we charge it with powerful superfoods and adaptogens.


Gluten Free Cakes

So many cakes, so little time. We change our cake recipes every year and it is one of the most difficult things to do. It's hard for us to choose favorites because we love them all so very much. We make cakes for every occasion, whether it is for a birthday or a wedding, there is never a wrong place for a delicious Alchemy cake.


Juice Cleanses

Our Juice Cleanse Programs are designed to specific important needs: alkalizing, hydration and transformation. The human body depends on a balanced PH for it to function. In addition, most of what humans are made of is water and many people go through their whole life chronically dehydrated. Finally, certain types of yeast live inside the human body causing harm to the immunity system. Choose one or mix them up - no matter the path you choose, you will note the difference within you.


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